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Full of bugs and very poorly designed app

Designer should be ashamed. App and course design is very poor and full of bugs.

Total crap

Total sh*t app. It works but barely. Never know when you have to swipe down or right. Seems also I’m missing entire sections, as the quizzes ask questions on materials I’ve never studied.

Why all the negative reviews? This app is fantastic!

I have just completed my online PADI course using this app alongside the PADI Library. I used my iPad and was always connected to WiFi when using this app. I did not have any problems in-fact I found the videos extremely informative and helpful. Not one glitch the videos ran smoothly. I thoroughly recommend this app using your tablet not a smartphone if you are concerned about phone calls coming through.

Junk total wast,Poor excuse for an app!!!

There are no words to describe how awful this app is.

Get comfortable and switch to airplane mode bc App won’t run in the background;

I’m in the middle of a dive course and have to complete the online portion before moving on to the open water dives to get my cert. a friend told me to use the App. What he forgot to mention is that this app does not run in the background so if you answer a text, Check email or even get a phone call, you have to start your download over. Based on your connectivity, the initial download takes forever; its even more irritating when you only have 20MB to go and someone calls you. Now your back at square one. Most people learn to dive while on vacation so they are limited to hotel Wi-Fi or portable hotspots with very slow speeds. At least let this app run in the background so you can entertain yourself during the two hours waiting for a section to download.

Poorly organized

The content here is very linear. Outline, text, review, quiz, repeat for several chapters and take a test. Just like a book. Unfortunately, there is no predictable way of getting from one page to the next. A combination of scrolling, swiping right, but sometimes down guarantees that you will miss large chunks of the content. This is not entirely bad, since they have managed to make a hobby look tedious through constant repetition. Another dumb approach to instruction: if you get a question wrong they explain the right answer while covering the wrong answer so you can’t check the exact nature of your mistake.

Content won’t stay downloaded

Need to redownload content each time you exit out of the app which is problem when traveling with little connectivity.

Extremely poor quality

I lead a user interface and user experience design team. This is really shoddy work. Looks like they released this just to say they have an app. • video navigation is extremely poor • slides are not designed for the phone (looks like zoomed out pdfs) • app constantly logs me out • when I get logged out, downloaded materials have to be re-downloaded (most are 1gb+ and take forever to download)

Not user friendly

I have a MacBook Pro that is not a touch screen, and had to borrow an iPad. I am doing the Equipment Speciality course, and found it difficult to use, and not intuitive. I have a BS, MS, and MD degree, so am fairly computer adept. I did not have a small child to help me through the process.


Awful app! Once you choose lesson it directs you to page where you can watch the video; however, you can’t go back to the library to choose anymore lessons! I tried tapping on screen and gives you some options but none brings me back!


Needs to have iOS 11 support, can’t go back to download my other courses once one has been downloaded.


Cannot log in. Fine on computer.

Poorly Designed and Not User Friendly

I gave it 2 stars just because I managed to get it done. I am pretty tech savvy and this was just a mess! Great concept and potential to be a great Application . Someone really needs to take the time and fix it!! The layout is SO confusing. You don't know what or when a test or review is to be done. You don't even know the the flow of each section. It's got you scrolling up and down and sideways, watching videos or reading , or both videos and reading on one page. You don't know where one section ends and the next begins. Poorly designed and laid out. It allowed me to take the Final Exam and I hadn't even completed all the section quizzes and test. I didn't know until I printed my record that I had missed taking HALF of the test. I had a lot of "N/A" on my record , one in every section. I had to go back through the cluster of a mess and find out what I didn't get done and do it. Uggghhhh, so poorly laid out!!! I literally missed either a KR or Quiz, in each section. Oh, good luck getting to the eRDPR test. That was hella hard to navigate just getting to the test. And forget trying to find a button or tab to select so you can easily pull up the calculator to practice on. There's not even a standalone or downloadable one that I could find. I had to flip back and for the between the questions and the calculator. Most of the time, doing this caused me to be signed out of the test . I advised my husband against using the TOUCH version. He did the online version. It was slightly better than the TOUCH version, but is also poorly organized.

Two thumbs down

Doesn't work. Wont allow me to log in

Doesn't work!

Content is good--if you can get it and often, you can't. Costs way too much for the content to be prevented from actually accessing it

Works fine

I was a little worried laying down my money for the touch version of the open water course after reading the reviews here, but actually everything works fine. Log in (after signing up / purchasing on the web from my laptop), download course, go through it, take knowledge assessments and quizzes, all smooth and nicely done.


Will not allow downloads of any PADI material that's been purchased

Disappointed and frustrated

I'm supposed to take a variety of quizzes and assessments and the app is not presenting me with any of those options. Also cannot login to online portion through website. Very little cross functionality.

Wont connect to the server

I cant download anything!!

Crap... can't even access the books

This crap can't log in, useless ... PADI should at least send in PDF the materials to everybody who did the course .

Very poor navigation and usability

This app drives you insane. The navigation and usability is very poor. When moving through the material it keeps jumping to random sections side ways or vertical. Very disappointed with the quality given that it's an official training app from a well established organization such as PADI!!

can not update library

Can't update library although I have e-version access

PADI should be ashamed of this!

Can't even log in; just like everyone else!


Don't buy this app. It's nothing more than a self-congratulatory intro to PADI with only the slightest bit of substantive info. AND there is NO way to get into the actual coursework. What??! That's why I paid $179!!! What a frustrating turn off.

Log in issues

Neither of the two apps by PADI worked for my wife and I. I had the same log in issues that are mentioned in other reviews.

Broken - Unable to Login!

This app is broken. You try to Sign In and it tells you it is unable to contact server. Please fix!!!

No funciona

Empezando que siendo Padi algo mundial debería estar en más idiomas.Y aparte con mi contraseña actual no me deja entrar.Siempre me marca error.

Can't log in

Looks like a digital promo brochure for SCuBa with no actual content. Cannot log in using PADI log in credentials. Do better, PADI!

Can even log in

This app is completely terrible. Random error messages that mean nothing, a buggy user interface, phone numbers don't get remembered, and (most importantly) I've wasted HOURS just trying to get access to three documents....

Login doesn't work

I bought the eCertification and I cannot login through the app

Login issues

I signed up for the eLearning course and decided that the iPad app might be a good idea, too. Login fails with a server error message. Not much use there. If my account isn't authorized for the touch app, then a better error message would be useful. Otherwise, let me login!


Doesn't allow you to sign in.

Problems Fixed!

Whatever the issues used to be, seems like they've been resolved. This is what worked for me: 1. I bought the Open Water Diver Certification TOUCH course on the PADI website (I have an ipad). 2. Download the app 3. Go to the Libraries section and download all materials offered. Your course will be one of them, not the Free Intro. 4. Begin going through the subjects and taking the quizzes at the end of each. There are some tabs that slide up/down, side to side, the slides indicate what to do. All the videos work. *The slides are not narrated with the cartoons like the laptop version. It's mostly reading. *You DO NOT need to sign in with the app to access your course and use it. That for whatever reason seems to be a broken link and doesn't work. *When you get to each quiz section, you will be asked to provide user name and password, this is the only time it works. When you pass each section, you will receive an email confirmation that it has been recorded and completed. *Must have internet access when taking the quizzes for them to be recorded. The rest of the material is on your device. Hope this helps! Jenny


App will not allow my wife or I to log in using iPad2, iPad Air, or iPhone 5s. Tried on all 3 devices. App is unusable and therefore useless. Stuck doing all of our e-Learning on a desktop computer. I would prefer to use a mobile device but will have to wait until they fix the app to do that.

Terrible app, doesn't work

I have yet to be able to access any content I paid for. It does not support signing up for ScubaEarth, even though there is a link for it. Cannot sign in. Get errors that server cannot be reached our invalid login, even though I know I am issuing correct login. Not impressed or happy with Padi's apps.


App will not let me log in, this is completely useless. I paid $500 for scuba lessons and can't get the stupid e learning app to work

Developers use temp storage, which can be cleared by OS at any time

Hey Developers, please review where you store downloaded courses. It seems like it is located in temporary storage, which means that it can be cleared by OS at any time. Other that that: * annoying to enter padi login and passwords on every exam * sometimes when video occupies whole screen (usually beginning of sections) - very hard to slide to next screen. * opening videos can be luggy. It takes sometimes few tries to open/close it before you will see it.


I cannot download Oct issues of Open Water Diver course.


I agree with some of the other comments and reviews as it pertains to the login process. This app is useless to me in its current configuration. Why can’t I login and access the Library? Is it really that hard to create a user friendly interface? Both the PADI app and the PADI Library app have login issues and I can’t recommend either of them at this time.

Nice looking app but..

Too bad I can't access the course I paid for.

Great Access to PADI Materials

Love the ease of access to my PADI student materials! I can access my books anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Great job PADI!!

eLearning for iPad?

This new PADI app is certainly a step in the right direction. It'll be nice to be able to do eLearning on an iPad not just just flash-based computer in the near future with this app. While there is little functionality now this has some serious potential and is much more up to date and has a much more function UI than the app for iPhone. That being said the controls for using the eLearning courses can definitely be improved as it can be confusing and unnecessary at time when you accidentally zoom out and are showing the various controls. I look forward to an updated all with new content and then will be happy to award five stars. Keep it up engineers!


It looks good, but since you can't login and there are no instructions as to how to login it's pretty much a waste of space.

I cant wait to get certified

My first dive was on a cruise we went like 30-35 feet it was amazing it opend a new world for me. I just love it so now its a mission for me to get certified.

It rocks!

It looks awesome and cannot wait to teach my students with it, so easy and friendly!!!

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